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Welcome to Unsigned 99.9's Beauties page,

This is where you will get the chance to view and learn about some of the most attractive, intelligent and talented beauties in the Unsigned 99.9 universe.

We will be adding more Beauties soClick and anjoy!

Our first Beauty is Katie.

Here's a little about her...

My name is Katie, and im an art enthusiast! In fact the tattoo on my arm is one of my own drawings, followed by a whole sketchbook full of my future tattoo designs. Though i focus primarily on my paintings, which ive recently begun selling. Specialising in paintings of space, those have to be my favorite by far! I don't believe there's any better way to spend a lazy sunday than jamming out to my music while painting up a storm all day long! Aside from my passion and love of art, I'm quite fascinated by the field of medicine. With high intentions and hopes of becoming a pediatrician in years to come. Ive always loved being around children, and being stuck at the height of only 4'11 they probably think im one of them! And well, i think that just about sums me up!

Katie's art!!!!

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